Technical innovations or inventions have never been more important to maintain or strengthen your market position. That is why you should make sure that your innovation is adequately protected by a patent.

It is very important to choose a good trademark. A strong brand will enable you to clearly distinguish your products from your competitors’ products. An adequate protection of your  trademark will grant you exclusive rights within your sector.

Creating a well-designed product often implies serious investments. By registering your  aesthetically  pleasing product, you can prevent others from copying it.

KOB will make sure that your intellectual property is adequately protected in Belgium as well as abroad.

You can contact us for:

  • A preliminary search and a professional assessment of the feasibility of a patent in view of the protection of a technical innovation. As KOB is recognised by the government within the framework of the SME-portfolio, this service is subsidized up to 30%.
  • The filing of a patent application in national and international procedures, in order to ensure an adequate protection of your innovations against infringement.
  • Preliminary advice in the development of your trademark and in working out the best strategy for its protection.
  • The registration of your trademark, such as a company name, logo or slogan or any other sign that you apply to identify your products or services.
  • The registration of a design or drawing to assure the protection of the appearance of a product.
  • Advice relating to the infringement of intellectual property rights: how to avoid infringing intellectual property rights of others and what to do in the event others violate your rights.

For more information?
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About KOB

Since 1981 KOB has ensured  the adequate protection of your intellectual property against infringement in Belgium and abroad.

Our team includes experienced engineers and legal experts who undertake ongoing further training and who are officially recognised on a Belgian, Benelux and European level so that your invention, trademark or design is in safe hands.


Trui Castelein,
BMM-authorized representative at KOB



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